About Us

A modestwear fashion brand dedicated to providing women with high quality hijabs and accessories sourced from around the world. 

Love Hijab specialises in Plain Jane Maxi Hijabs, a collection of plain scarves in over 100 stunning colours, with very quirky and unique names to match!

Our signature Plain Jane hijabs are available in a wide range of fabrics as you'll see from the collections we have in our store.

From Plain Jane Got Tassels to Plain Jane's Pom Noms, Plain Jane is Gorgeous Georgette and Hey PJ, Don't Crimp My Style, each collection is named after the style and design of the hijab that was born from the original Plain Jane.

There's a lot more to Plain Jane than meets the eye.  She may be plain, but she's definitely got style.

Nazira x
(owner of LH)